I have always been an artist. After expanding my work in photography to include cyanotypes and artist books I returned to school to become a painter. I received a degree in painting from Massachusetts College of Art in 2003 and moved to Florida two years later. The vibrant light and the soft landscape affect the values and hues that I now use in my paintings. I paint from life but alter what I see giving the real world a new reality: figures burst from live oak and creatures live in driftwood. I feel comfortable abstracting elements of my new world, remaking them by capture within a frame.

The two most recent portfolios exemplify the direction my work has taken. I begin with a completed painting and divide it into nine parts. From each part I imagine and create a new work. While working on each painting I consider the large composite that they will form together. This “child” is more complex than its parent. Each work is square so that a 90 degree rotation of each affects the nature of the whole.

In my new work I continue to paint in oils or in a mixed media comprised of acrylic paint, ink and photographs. I paint in New England as well as in Florida. While working at my source painting I photograph it and incorporate parts of these prints into my final work. I hope that viewers will see the grid of paintings as a whole while letting their own imaginations finds new creatures in the work.

I continue to paint in oils on canvas. My most recent medium is acrylics mixed with ink, charcoal, and sometimes fragments of photographs.