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My work as an artist began with photographs, cyanotypes and artist books.  Since becoming a painter I've called upon this past, combining fragments of photographs with painting and  drawing.  Sometimes I deconstruct a painting and create a new work from each part.  These combined become a larger whole.  More recently I  have painted the same subject at different  times and seasons. Most recently I have used monotypes as this vehicle .                                

I paint from life but alter what I see, giving the real world a new reality: figures burst from live  oak and creatures live in driftwood.  Landscapes experienced and photographed become    changed in memory.  When I moved from New England to north Florida the vibrant light and  soft landscape affected the values and hues I used in paintings.  Now back in Massachusetts I can abstract elements of my present work and remake them through the lens of past experience.                       December 2017.

To see details of each work  click on large image

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